To promote popularization and development of documentary film and to raise the level of respect for human rights in Ukraine.



We create opportunities for every person in Ukraine to watch the most talented and present-day documentary films from all over the world. This contributes to development of critical thinking, creation of active citizen position, and appreciation of highest value of human dignity. By realizing our mission we promote popularization and development of documentary film and to increase of the level of respect for human rights in Ukraine.


Festival is non-political and non-profit.



- Union Non-Government Оrganization "Docudays";

- Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union;

- Charitable organization “Charity and Health Found”;

- Center for Modern Information Technologies and Visual Arts;

- Organizing Committee (consists of representatives of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, Non-Government Оrganization "Pivden", Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation, Center for Modern Information Technology and Visual Arts and invited experts in the field of documentary cinema, human rights, management and fundraising);

- Regional partners.


Regional partners of Travelling Film Festival Docudays UA

Travelling Film Festival in regions can be organized by NGOs, charities, informal associations, government agencies and local governments that share values, goals and objectives of the festival and meet the following criteria:


a. applicant organization has enough resources to provide technical, informational and other resources for screening of movies and hosting events of Travelling Film Festival Docudays UA in the region;

b. has a high reputation among community activists in their region;

c. has experience in organizing events;

d. not a satellite of any political party;

e. ready to commit themselves to comply with copyright while using the festival films according to special agreement with the Organizing Committee.


To obtain the status of the regional partner of the festival Docudays UA applicant must submit an application to the Organizing Committee and provide evidence of compliance with the criteria outlined above. The decision on granting the status of regional partner is made by Organizing Committee.


Programs for the regions

Programs of Travelling Film Festival Docudays UA for the regions are formed by regional partners in cooperation with members of the Organizing Committee.

Regional Partners in March of each year participate in the International Festival Docudays UA in Kyiv and have a chance to see all films participating in the the competition programs: DOCU/LIFE, DOCU/RIGHT, DOCU/SHORT, DOCU/UKRAINE.


Regional partners have the opportunity to see films from non-competition program:

- Ukrainian documentary films;

- Best Films of International Documentary Film Festivals on Human Rights;

- Creative documentary;

- Retrospective of famous documentary filmmakers.


Also they can participate in workshop of the documentary film DOCU/CLASS and human rights events (conferences, round tables, thematic sections, workshops by experts and human rights activists, debates, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, etc.).


After the festival in Kyiv regional partners by June provide the Organizing Committee with lists of selected films they want to show in their respective regions. The Organizing Committee makes requests to rightholders of selected films and receives permission to a certain number of screenings in regions. The final decision on the program of Travelling Docudays UA, the list of guests, seminars and other events is made by the Organizing Committee. Under the brand of Travelling Docudays UA only movies recommended by the Organizing Committee can be screened. On behalf of the Organizing Committee NGO "Center for Modern Information Technology and Visual Arts" or/and NGO "Pivden" signs agreements with regional partners to transfer unexceptional (non-exclusive) property of the copyright for public display (public demonstration) of International Film Festival Docudays UA films. (The names of films and their running time are specified in Annex № 1, which is an integral part of the contract).



Screening of a movie during Traveling Docudays UA cannot happen more times than specified in the contract between the NGO "Center for Modern Information Technology and Visual Arts" and regional partner.

Not later than one day before the rights specified in the contract come into effect, NGO "Center for Modern Information Technology and Visual Arts" delivers movies to regional partners in good technical condition in DVD format on optical media, information materials for the movies, provides simultaneous translation or subtitles before the film session.

Regional partners provide informational support of the Festival in their region. Regional partners ensure high quality of film screenings, guarantee personal non-property rights during screenings, provide responsible film storage and return to NGO "Center for Modern Information Technologies and Visual Arts" within two days after rights transferred under the contract expire.



Within 30 days after Travelling Docudays UA in the region local partner provides the Organizing Committee with a detailed narrative report of all festival events, its results and reviews in media.

Docudays UA International Travelling Human Rights Documentary Film Festival
October—December 2019