Travelling Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival
September — December 2021

Festival Schedule

Travelling Docudays UA-2020: Summing Up
31 December 2020
The right to the truth. The screening of the film Of Animals and Men at the Travelling Docudays UA in Ternopil Region
30 December 2020
The purpose of the festival
To facilitate the respect for and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, to establish an understanding of human dignity as the highest value, to raise the level of civil activity in Ukraine, to promote the development of documentary filmmaking..
At the Travelling Docudays UA in Chernivtsi, the audience discussed changes in the work of culture institutions under quarantine restrictions
28 December 2020
At the Travelling Docudays UA in Chernivtsi, the audience watched and discussed the film The Good Death
27 December 2020
“I felt like a guest who is watching the life of a different family”
16 December 2020
The LGBT+ Community and Schools. Opposing the bullying of the LGBT+ community was discussed at the Travelling Docudays UA in Kremenchuk
14 December 2020
“As I was watching it, I felt as if I was riding that train”
11 December 2020
“The problem can only be solved by raising awareness about it.” The Travelling Docudays UA in Uzhgorod published the photos by the participants of the Teenagers vs. Cyberbullying competition
10 December 2020
We also build bridges between people and countries
04 December 2020
The right to a good death in Ukraine
03 December 2020
Inclusivity of education and the freedom of choice: In Lviv Region, school children watched and discussed films from the DOCU/Kids programme
18 November 2020