Taking Small Steps towards an Unachievable Dream, or Girl Against Gravity

Taking Small Steps towards an Unachievable Dream, or Girl Against Gravity

29 October 2019

At the Orikhivka core institution Constellation, high school students watched the film Girl Against Gravity. At some moments, the classroom was so silent that it seemed the children were trying to use the power of thought to help the girl who wanted to become a contortionist to make a one-hand stand.


The screening was followed by a lively discussion. About striving for your goal, about dreams and goals in general. What do you need to achieve what you’ve planned? Should you betray your dream if it seems unachievable? Who is supposed to decide which path a child should choose in their life? Who will be held responsible for it?



“Every goal you achieve is a step or bridge to another goal, and any action has a result,” explained a viewer.


“It’s a film that motivates. When you have a goal and you know what you want, you can achieve anything,” summarized the students. “But you shouldn’t forget about the people around you either. In any situation, you must remain human first of all. Like, Erdenchimeg, the protagonist of the film, when she helped her mother despite her intense training schedule.”


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