Travelling Festival at the DOCUSPACE online cinema

Travelling Festival at the DOCUSPACE online cinema

01 September 2021

This year, five films will be screened at the DOCUSPACE online cinema during Travelling Docudays UA. The programme includes the five best films from the programme of the 18th Docudays UA competition: A Colombian Family, The­re will be no mo­re night, Pe­tit Sa­me­di, Things We Dare Not DoUnseen.


You will be able to watch the films at Docudays UA Travelling both on your own and during events at the online cinema in your city, village, or region. During this event, the coordinators of the Travelling Docudays UA will provide you with a promo code to watch films free of charge.

After the film screening at the Docudays UA Travelling Online Cinema, the audience will be able to join discussions with regional experts and talk about important issues for regional communities through the optics of the film. In addition, join the online events organized by the DOCUSPACE team at the online cinema and on the Docudays UA Facebook page.

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September — December 2022
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