Documentary Almanac Beyond The Euros

Dmytro Hlukhenky
Natalia Mashtaler

Artistic Supervision: Jacek Bławut, Serhiy Bukovsky, Dorota Roszkowska Artistic Supervisor: Oleksandr Balahura The documentary almanac Beyond The Euros is the result of group work by a young creative artists’ laboratory. Its idea can probably be defined as an attempt to personalize the crowd. To be able to see, to find a human face in the crowd that seems faceless, grouped around a sports event, a political issue or any other focus. And to share this. This is probably the essence – of the almanac, as well as the laboratory itself. How successful this experiment is, is up to the viewer. In any case, it has happened. And in front of us is a series of independent views of the surrounding reality by young authors – keen, thoughtful, worried or ironic, but never indifferent. To see a separate human face in the crowd also means to keep your own face – in any crowd… which becomes personalized through this, and gets a chance to turn into a society. This is not a new idea; however, people need to be reminded of it. This project is a cooperation of the Ukrainian Documentary Workshop, the Dragon Forum International Academy, and Ukrainian and Polish filmmakers.

Світлана Зінов’єва, Геннадій Кофман / Svitlana Zinovyeva, Hennadiy Kofman, Inspiration Films, MaGiKa Film Company, PO Box 10964, Kharkiv 61013, Ukraine,+38-057-714-0103, [email protected],
Dmytro Hlukhenky
Natalia Mashtaler
Andriy Lytvynenko
Alisa Kovalenko
Lyubov Durakova
Ivan Zotikov
Nataliya Krasylnykova
Polina Kelm
Dmytro Konovalov
Ivan Zotikov

09 October 2013, Bakhchisarai;

11 October 2013, Bakhchisarai;

14-31 October 2013, Bakhchisarai;

18 October 2013, Bakhchisarai;

09-31 October 2013,Krasnogvardejskiy region;

16 October 2013, Saki;

07 October 2013, Simferopol;

15 October 2013, Simferopol;

17-18 October 2013, Simferopol;

10-31 October 2013, Simferopol region;

31 October 2013, Ternopil;

7 October 2013, Yalta;

11-31 October 2013, Yalta;

21 October 2013, Yalta;

14 November 2013, Kremenchug;

03 November 2013, Ternopil;

12-13 November 2013, Chernivtsi;

12 December 2013, Lutsk.