Travelling Docudays UA will screen 10 films in Odessa region

Travelling Docudays UA will screen 10 films in Odessa region

13 November 2014

During 10-17 November 2014 in Odessa, Tatarbunary, Kotovsk and some other towns there will be documentary films screenings within the XI-th  International Travelling Human Rights Documentary Film Festival  Docudays UA.

Festival program in Odessa region provides not only best world documentary films screenings of the last years but also discussions and disputes, various legal and educational events mainly for the youth.

Travelling Festival regional partner and organizer in Odessa region is Odessa region branch of All-Ukrainian NGO "Committee of Voters of Ukraine". The main purpose of screenings is to inspire and attract Ukrainian citizens to their rights defense and fight for democratic transformations in Ukraine.


As well as this year festival in Kyiv Travelling screenings are joined by the title of Ideoruption. This new creation by the festival team regards corruption as such a destructive factor for the society that only mass antagonism can lead to significant changes in the country. Corruption is considered as a total human rights violation, such as right to free access to information, right to a fair trial, freedom of speech and many other rights.


The topicality of screenings in this very worldview is grounded on the unseen before social and political activity in the modern history of Ukraine, which must not only be preserved but also directed into civilized course with respect of human rights and democratic values.


Travelling festival program in Odessa region offers 10 documentary films screenings with discussions and disputes, various legal and educational events. Most screenings in Odessa will take place in the Odessa Regional Universal and Scientific Library named after M.Grushevskiy, some additional screenings will be organized for Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University students. In Odessa regions main screenings will be held in the town of Tatarbunary (the central district library building) and Kotovsk (Kotovsk medical training school assembly hall), certain screenings will take place in some other localities. After documentary films screenings legal and educational seminars are scheduled for students and upper-forms pupils regarding topical legal subjects.


The Travelling Festival program in Odessa will be started with the film opening of this year Docudays UA Euromaidan. Rough cut, which is an almanac describing three months of the revolution from indignant protest to people’s unity. The film is interesting with the fact that it united works of many young Ukrainian directors who were shooting Maidan events both every day life as well as the hottest moments.


Besides the above mentioned film spectators will be offered the following documentary films Pussy vs. Putin (in the picture), No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka, Life in Paradise – Illegals in the neighborhood, The Captain and His Pirate, Yabuki-machi, Dèfriche, Srulik, Locked Down, Putin’s games. Films description and preview can be found at Docudays UA website -

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