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The Living Library is an interactive event which gives a human dimension to the idea of diversity. The Living Library tells the stories of unique “books” to give the “readers” an experience of dialogue and a realization of how the life of a real person who represents a certain vulnerable group in society differs from our ideas about it.

For 3 days, on Zoom, everyone will have a chance to talk and to hear the stories of three “books”:

Teenage Blogger “Book”: 8 December

Survivor of Bullying “Book”: 9 December

Writer “Book”: 10 December

The books will tell their stories about the experience of blogging and the challenges of the contemporary technological world, the experience of bullying and ways to overcome it.

Moderator: Yevheniya Napuda.

Information about the event

Start time
December 9 at 15:00


Carpathian Agency of Human Righs "Vested"
Department of Education of Uzhhorod City Council, NGO "Insider" Education Center
+380 50 6744856