LGBT+ Community and School: Bullying, and how important teachers’ support is in the process of acceptance

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This year, the festival’s topic is growing up. Our organization, meanwhile, did a project this year focusing on the rights of the LGBT+ community in schools. We created a series of interviews with teachers and members of the LGBT+ community. Each interview has its own visualization in the form of postcards which you can give to your teacher, mother or classmate. In each interview, we talked about the challenges faced by LGBT+ students, teachers, parents in Ukrainian schools. There were discussions about gender and the support which schools can provide to reduce the negative perception of the LGBT+ community and reduce the level of bullying and insults of members of the community.

Larysa Horyslavets, journalist;

Anna Sharyhina, vice president of the Kharkiv Women’s Association “Sphere”;

Oleksandr Cherkas, teacher, founder of the DON’T BULLY NGO;

Darya Poltavska, Director of the Helicon Education Complex in Myrhorod;

Tina Sobko, representative of Gender Z.

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December 3 at 18:00


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Kharkiv Women’s Association “Sphere,” Gender Z, TERGO Parents’ Initiative
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