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The online Living Library will involve representatives of different countries who will discuss growing up. The Living Library is a unique tool which can help dismantle your own stereotypes about people, the world and taboo subjects. Here, you can meet people whom you know very little about and whom you would like to ask a lot of questions. The topic of this year’s festival inspired us to talk about growing up, children’s rights, domestic violence, human rights education with representatives of different countries and continents. How is it, to be a child in Africa, Asia, Europe or America? How does the concept of human rights change as it travels around the world? We will try to find some answers together with our books.


Books: Mulham Soufi (France/Syria), Oliwia Wambui (Kenia), Socrates Katito (Zimbabwe), Rachel Ann Howden (USA), Valentina Poveda (Columbia), Dana Salamah (Syria), Anuradha Abeykoon (Sri Lanka), Maruee Pahuja (India).



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December 6 at 14:00


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