Does a murderer have a right to be heard?

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“Forgiveness must be sincere,” and sincerity starts with frankness. Do people deserve a chance after making a mistake if it ruined the lives of many people, taking one person’s life? Does hate have a limit?

There is no perfect recipe for healing heartache. But can you step on the path of getting rid of the pain that crushes your heart by making an attempt to hear others and to be heard yourself?

Guest experts:

1. Natalia Radushynska, deputy director of the Regional Center for Secondary Legal Aid in Zhytomyr Region

2. Olena Kovalenko, regional coordinator of public relations of the Ombudsman of Ukraine in Zhytomyr Region

3. Vitaliy Plokhikh, psychiatrist, doctor, therapist in Doctors Without Borders

4. Lina Babych, head of the Zhytomyr District Branch of the State Institution “Probation Center in Zhytomyr Region

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December 10 at 18:00


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