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Ukrainian libraries are constantly changing and transforming. It’s what the time demands, motivated by a fear of being forgotten and shut down. It seems like nobody is reminding of the need to keep silent in libraries anymore. But, just like with many other Ukrainian municipal institutions, the inclusivity of libraries is still a work in progress. How do we make Ukrainian libraries more inclusive?


Let us think about it together as we watch a film and discuss it with experts.

Moderator: Hanna Zaremba-Kosovych, candidate of sociological sciences, researcher at the Department of Social Anthropology of the Institute of Folkloristics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, employee of the Territory of Terror Memorial Museum.


Natalia Husak, Sensotheca (Lviv);

Anna Lukasevych, Institute for Ukrainian Studies (Lviv);

Maria Yasenovska, Kharkiv Regional Foundation “Civil Alternative,” Inclusion Fest (Kharkiv);

Olena Chornobryvenko, NGO Harmony (Vinnytsia)


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December 7 at 15:00


Kremenchuk informative elucadative centre European club
City children's library (Horishni Plavni), Central city library named after M.Gorky (Kremenchuk)
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