Growing Up Today: Zoomers vs Boomers

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This year’s festival programme Teen Spirit focuses on the problems of the past and the future of young protagonists, as well as on eternal questions of their relationships with their parents, private and professional lives.


Generations Z and Y, “OK boomer, OK zoomer,” the generation gap – we have all heard this at least once. But does this generation theory really work, does this gap between them actually exist? What makes one generation different from another and how should they coexist in one society? You will learn about this and many other things at the online discussion.



  • Andriy Tuzhykov, culture manager, writer, author of the young adult novel Another Brick in the Wall;

  • Khrystia Venhryniuk, writer, director of the Black Sheep children’s art publishing house.

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December 22 at 17:00


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